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Key Colony Beach is a unique city, in that there is a true sense of community for anyone that wants to be involved.  Volunteering to help doesn't mean you'll miss out on the fun of participating, because we design work shifts in only 1-2 hour increments so that you will still have plenty of time to "play".  Your involvement offers you an opportunity to meet and network with others in the community and makes a tangible difference in the quality of our events.  Please consider using your time and talents to help us plan and execute fun, meaningful events for our community.  

Please complete the following questionnaire and someone will get in touch with you to discuss opportunities that are available.   We all know circumstances change throughout the year, so this is not a firm commitment, but will be used as an indication that you are interested in helping.

You Can Make a Difference

Please Consider Volunteering with the KCBCA
Welcome Back Party - November 18, 2024
Coconut Crawl- January 21, 2024
Sunday Concerts - Feb - Mar 2024
KCB Day - March 3, 2024
St. Patricks Day Parade - March 17, 2024
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