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How it Works...

Costumes are encouraged and awards are given for the best individual costume and to the group with the most spirit!


1.  You pick up your tally sheet, t-shirt, and first card at the starting location.

2.  Participating bars will be announced.  Proceed to each bar (in any order) and locate the Crawl Officials (aka KCBCA volunteers).   Pick one card and lay it face up on the table.  If you draw a duplicate card, you must redraw another card.  No duplicate cards can be used.  The Crawl Official will stamp your Tally Sheet as to the card you have drawn.

3.  Arrive at the final destination and draw your last card before the deadline.  Your card will then be judged by the Crawl Official.  Don't worry, there's a prize for the worst hand too!

4.  In case of a tie, there will be a draw for High Card to determine the winner.  All decisions of the judges are FINAL!

5.  You ARE NOT required to have a drink or make a purchase to be dealt a card.  Please manage your sobriety responsibly (we use the word "CRAWL" figuratively!)

6.  The D-Bag Rule:  If you are overly intoxicated, being abrasive or just an A-Hole in general, or you attempt to cheat, we reserve the right to remove you from the Poker run at any time.   Please don't be that guy or gal!

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